Boarding at Hockley

Owners, Dave Aitchison and Julie Huppé are horse enthusiasts who have owned, shown and trained for over 30 years. With all our years of experience we are very familiar with horses, care, feed and lameness.  We have a wonderful farrier, dentistry and worming program.  Horses are kept on pasture during the summer months and round bales in the winter.  We have our own custom feed for indoor horses during our show months and with 18 paddocks we are able to have small groups in one area. Since purchasing our dream farm only 3 years ago we have done numerous upgrades and will continue to make our farm the best that we possibly can. Our plans to grow continue with the support of the clients, barn staff and coaches. we have experience and knowledgeable staff on hands and a video surveillance system.  Our facility boasts:

  • 70 x 120  Indoor arena with excellent footing and lighting

  • 200 x 400 Outdoor arena with numerous jumps and trail obstacles

  •  30 x 12 tack area and new feed room.

  •  18 paddocks with run-in sheds, heated water troughs

  •  Round pen for training young horses

  •  Heated viewing room

  •  Washroom

Our Veterinarian, Manning Equine Veterinary Services focuses in sports medicine, pre-purchase examinations, reproduction, and dentistry.

They are a multi service clinic providing both ambulatory care & in-house hospitalization for most medical and surgical procedures including:

  • Digital Radiograph

  • Digital Ultrasound

  • Shock Wave Therapy

  • Stem Cell Therapy

  • I.R.A.P Joint Therapy

  • Dentristy (power & hand floating)

  • Chiropractic Therapy

  • In House Laboratory

  • Laser Therapy

  • Surgical Recovery Stall (non-inhalant Sx)

  • In clinic foaling with 24 hr monitoring

  • Quarantine Facilities

  • Broodmare & Foal boarding

  • Fresh & Frozen Artificial Insemination

  • PRP Therapy

  • Pre-Purchase Exams

  • Performance Horse Rehabilitation

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Indoor Board Includes

  • Turn out every day, individual and small groups

  •  Individual feeding programs ,supplements and meds can be fed if provided.

  •  Large box stalls cleaned daily

  •  Use of full facility

  •  Night check done after hours

  •  Use of trails and jumps

Outdoor Board Includes

  •  Large pastures with shelters, 24 hour hay and heated  water troughs

  •  Use of full facility

  •  Use of trails and jumps