Wylie's first show 2005 016

Due to Covid-19 restrictions as well as the barn fire that Hockley Hills School of Horsemanship has sustained we regret that we are unable to provide lessons at this time. We ask that you check in with us again after July 1st.  We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding.

Western Lessons

Our Western Riding program has something to offer to riders of all levels, both on horseback and in the classroom. Our beginner program emphasizes grooming and tacking, mounting and dismounting, learning to walk, jog and lope your horse while maintaining correct body position as well as the proper way to stop, turn and backup. Intermediate riders learn about the posting trot and correct diagonals, neck reining, and one handed riding as well as leg yielding. The next progression from this stage includes more specific maneuvers and changes of speed at lope. Advanced riders learn about the techniques and equipment used to lunge their horse and will be able to school their horse and warm up for lessons. They understand basic collection, flexion, and bend and are able to perform movements such as the side pass, the two track and simple lead changes. They can ask their horse to give to the bit and be soft to the leg. Riders learn to ride Horsemanship patterns, Trail, Showmanship and much more.


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