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English Lessons

Our English Riding Program has something to offer to riders over the age of 7 of all levels. There are fundamental building blocks that we take before moving on to jumping.  Our riders safety is our number one priority and the students will learn in a particular order that move them to the next level.  They must be competent in their horse handling skills, control and riding ability.

Our beginner program emphasizes grooming and tacking, mounting and dismounting, learning to walk and trot while maintaining a correct and balanced body position as well as the proper way to stop, turn and backup. Intermediate riders progress from flatwork to mastering two point position over poles, cavaletti, and low fences and canter. Riders will use gymnastics over poles and fences to improve their position, balance and release. Advanced riders learn to jump their horses over courses  and to understand  flexion, impulsion, engagement and can perform maneuvers such as shortening and lengthening stride, the shoulder in, the half halt and counter canter and more.


Group Lessons $50 per hour
Semi Private Lessons $50 per 1/2 hour                                                                        All prices are subject to HST


Stephanie is determined to make sure that each rider does their individual personal best. She individualizes the instruction for each rider and meets each rider where they are at. She isn’t afraid to have conversations when she needs to with both riders and parents and say it like it is with a big laugh. She is fun and boosts the confidence of each of her riders. Stephanie is strong, determined, and coaches through challenges (eg injuries and unwell horses). She has helped our daughter build confidence and do her very best, progressing well beyond what she thought she could during her first season showing. 

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